39 : Quixotic : New Years Resolutions

Every year, we lie to ourselves. We set unattainable or unrealistic goals and are disappointed when we let our selves down. We all know it and we all hate it. New Years Resolutions. What a bunch of bologna.

I did a mind map and somehow made my way over to new years resolutions. I thought it could be an interesting topic to explore from KIND’s perspective. Somehow, it has to tie in!

I thought it would be cool to have KIND sponsor some kind of website or program that helps people to reach their New Year’s goals. I mean, people make these resolutions and then forget about them about a month later – and, more often than not, the resolutions have to do with going to the gym more or losing weight. Which sounds freaking perfect for KIND.

So here’s what I’m thinking. There will be this website that you go to and submit your New Year’s resolutions along with your name and address (just get over the fact that this sounds creepy). Then, KIND will send a package to the person with a free KIND bar and a note with the person’s resolutions listed and a message that says if the person would like to participate in the KIND challenge, then go back to the website. Then, each week the person will go to the website and document whether or not they have been successful with their resolutions, and if they have, then KIND will send them another package with another reward.


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